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Don?t take chances ? get a genuine Cummins Jacobs Exhaust Brake? or a classic E Brake by Jacobs?, the only factory-approved exhaust brakes built for your Dodge Ram?s Cummins Turbo Diesel engine. From the legendary Jake Brake? family of products, both the Jacobs Exhaust Brake and the E Brake are the only exhaust brakes to earn both Cummins? and Mopar?s endorsements because they?re the only ones jointly engineered by the heavy-duty experts at Cummins and Jacobs. There?s no better way to get the extra control you need for tough downhill runs without risking your Powertrain Warranty*. So you can relax knowing that with genuine Cummins exhaust brakes, you?re getting every last bit of retarding power that your engine can offer without taking chances. An exhaust brake works by transforming horsepower into vehicle braking power by placing a valve in the exhaust system. When activated, this valve controls the exhaust gas flow and increases backpressure in the engine, slowing down your vehicle and reducing brake wear**. In fact, it can help your brakes last up to three times longer for significant maintenance savings. Whether towing your 32-foot cabin cruiser or eight tons of steel, genuine Cummins exhaust brakes let you face the toughest downhill situations with total confidence. With its direct turbo-mount housing and butterfly plate manufactured from a special alloy that isn?t affected by extreme temperatures, the Jacobs Exhaust Brake and E Brake deliver reliability and durability you can count on - no matter how long you use them. The exclusive designs eliminate contamination and carbon buildup in the housing to keep the butterfly plate opening and closing freely. The aerodynamic design of the housings and butterfly plates allows smooth exhaust flow to maintain fuel economy when not in use. And, begining with the 1998? Dodge Ram, none of the genuine Cummins exhaust brakes have used mechanical "micro switches" since each system is confidently managed by Cummins? electronic engine control module (ECM) saving you the hassle of maintaining proper adjustment. New for 2003 The Jacobs Exhaust Brake kit for the 2003 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty now includes an easy-to-use fingertip control power switch that mounts right onto the 6-speed gearshift lever for increased eyes-on-the-road safety and convenience. Also, an exclusive vacuum pump system designed by Cummins is used to actuate the exhaust brake. And, more peak retarding horsepower is available for 2003 when compared to the previous Cummins 24-valve engines. The 2003 Jacobs Exhaust Brake and the E brake (for 2002 and older Rams) both come with a 3-year/36,000 mile (57,935 km) Daimler Chrysler warranty on the exhaust brake assembly and a 3-year/36,000 mile (57,935 km) warranty on the other installation kit components. It does come down to picking the right exhaust brake for your Dodge Ram. Visit your local Cummins distributor branch or Dodge dealer and get a genuine Jacobs Exhaust Brake or an E brake by Jacobs today.

* Dodge recommends the use of exhaust brakes only on vehicles with manual transmissions.

** Exhaust brakes are not intended to be emergency stopping devices and are designed only to assist the vehicle?s platform braking system in slowing the vehicle.

Note: IMPORTANT UPDATE: Extensive testing has been conducted of the Dodge Ram 48RE automatic transmission with an exhaust brake-equipped Cummins Turbo Diesel. Dodge and Cummins have identified vehicle control system and hardware changes that are necessary before factory approval is given to this application. For this reason, use of any exhaust brake on a 2003 Dodge Ram with an automatic transmission will not be approved.

Dodge and Cummins are working to approve the use of an exhaust brake with the 48RE automatic transmission during the 2004 model year. A calibration change, planned to be introduced in January 2004, will allow the use of the Jacobs Exhaust Brake on model year 2004 Dodge Rams equipped with 48RE automatics. These changes will ensure consistent and enhanced braking performance. This calibration will not be applicable to model year 2003 vehicles due to hardware changes that will take place for model year 2004.

The strong level of customer interest for an automatic transmission and exhaust brake combination is appreciated. Dodge and Cummins will jointly continue to pursue a product offering that meets the reliability and performance expectations that customers have come to expect.


Fits Model: Ram Pickup
MSRP (List): $938.00
Model Year(s): 1999 2000 2001 2002
Part Number(s): 82205577
5% Price Guarantee
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